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Biographie & exhibitions


1960    Born in Qamishlo/Syria as a stateless Kurd
1974    Beginning of artistic work with painting and sculpture
1984    teaching assignment at a state school as an art teacher
1986    Escape from Syria to Germany
1986    First solo exhibition in Cologne Cologne
1986  - 1990 Living in the asylum home
1990    recognition as a political refugee
1990    movie premiere asylum
1986 - 1991 various solo and group exhibitions:
1987    Stuhr near Bremen, artist associationMachArt
1988    Dachau, District Office
1988    Nuremberg, Communication Center "KOMM"
1989    Osnabrück, "Lagerhalle"
1989    Munich, House of the Church (K)
1991    Bremen, Galerie Schlachthof
1991    Bremen, Galerie INKATT
1992    directing seminar with Karl Fruchtmann
1992    Group exhibition Gerhard Marcks House Bremen
1993    Award of the cultural film promotion Bremen for feature film -Exposé
1994 - 1995 work on the project Open Eyes, creation of the screenplay.
1996    Takeover of the screenplay by the Bremen Institute for Film and Television for preparing production. Et al for political reasons (problem of the              topic Kurds) not realized.
1996    Advanced training as Multimedia Developer at the Computerakademy Bremen
1998    Creation of the Multimedia CD-ROM "Passover"
1998    group exhibition Bremer KUNSTFRÜHLING, Open Studio (K)
1999    escape from Germany to Sweden
2000    Freelance with Zagros Media in Gothenburg / Sweden as media designer.
2001    Return to Germany after a failed escape attempt to Sweden
2001    Creation of the Children's Lexicon CD-ROM "Animals of the World"
2004    Founding of a company for advertising and multimedia
2012    release debut novel RO JÎN - Sun of Life, “Sujet”・edition, Bremen.
2014    exhibition, Künstlerhaus Güterbahnhof Bremen
2016    exhibition, Galerie Mytoro, Hamburg.
2017    birth of the degenerate "Rûto"
2018 Animation short film “Courageur“
2019 Animation film “Bye Bremen“
2019 Artwork of the month December in Bremen, Gerhard-Marcks-Haus
2020 Graduated as a “Certified 3D game developer“
2021 exhibition, Künstlerhaus Güterbahnhof Bremen "New Degeneratde Art"
I live as a artist and author in Germany.

Frankfurter Buchmesse 2012

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