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Here are some of my works in the field of sculpture
These paintings are my early works. Painting and drawing were my beginnings.


Here are some of my works in the field of drawings
These drawings are my early works. Painting and drawing were my beginnings.


Here are some of my works in the field of sculpture
I love the real three-dimensional works like reliefs, because I can express more in them.


Here are some of my works in the field of sculpture
Today I use other forms of expression of the visual arts, such as reliefs, installations, multimedia.


Here are some of my works in the field of photographie
Foam and color mandalas made for taking pictures only.

Installation Art

         Here are some of my works in the field of installation
Most of my installations have not been exhibited yet. Therefore  only a small overview for the website.

my reference  
"Where to":
I created this project in 1993, the topic is still as current as it was 30 years ago. The beginning of consciousness, human greed, religions that subjugate the earth according to its laws and no one who has thought that one day it will have to defend itself.
Eco-fascists are on the rise, greed is mixed with total selfishness, flooding the streets and cities worldwide, this character now belongs to modern people, and even an important part of the meaning of life is "human greed".

Fine arts:

I have a very long history with the visual arts, a bad one, but also a good one.
Painting and drawing is in my blood and I realized early on that this is my way, even if this way was not rosy, as a Kurd and stateless in a totalitarian regime. My attempts to attend an art college were prevented, not because of my ability and talent, but because of my status; I had no father or relatives who were commanders. And  I did not know anyone in a high position in the Baath Party, who called me an artist with his finger snap, so I was accepted into a fine arts college.

In Germany, painting, and later sculpture, helped me a great deal, because for me they were my children, relatives and friends in this gloomy land. I painted so that I did not slip off mentally. I was able to keep myself upright, but many other refugees who were in the same depressing situation as me did not make it, they went nuts because of treatment by the German authorities.
Painting helped a lot to keep me mentally balanced, because the storm of oppression of Germany and the German people was very strong. Occasionally I got support, as at that time from the association "Mach Art" in Stuhr near Bremen; the people there, mostly women, have given me some light and hope, have shown me that it is not only black in Germany.
Originally, I had not planned to engage in fine art in Germany, but I wanted to study at the film school. But that was not possible anymore.
So the dark loneliness in the interior and the cruel prejudices in Germany have forced me to brush the old, dusty talents again and make them shine.
If you ask me who made these works, I answer: Germany and the Germans (compared with Picasso and Guernica, as he said the Spaniards did it) and I was only the translator, the mediator.



Berzan Kejo: sculptures, painting, reliefs, photography.| Degenerated: do not paint what is prescribed. Art is talent and creativity, and not given to every person. Berzan Kejo:  Art is bread.  Art is love.  Degeneracy is like a concentration camp with no visible barbed wire and lethal gas
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