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The Courageur, Germany 2018, 6 min, animated film
German with English subtitles

This film is the first in a series. The first step has been taken, the next will follow.

Ruto plays the main role in this short film.
It is about the German plane attack on March 24, 2015.

The aircraft in this film has the same number (namely 4U 9525) and is the same type of aircraft (namely an Airbus A 320) as the on 24 March 2015 crashed aircraft of the Lufthansa subsidiary “German Wings“. An allegedly mentally ill pilot, a German suicide bomber, had deliberately caused the crash. He brought 150 people with him to death. Members of the German Wings victims accuse Lufthansa blackmail.

The superlative Lufthansa and the many German media did not want to give their terrorist much publicity in order not to damage the sanctuary “Deutsche Lufthansa“. I have revived this German assassination aircraft and I will realize with this plane still a number of films.

On August 31, 2018 I participated with this short film in the short film competition “100% true“ in the cultural center Schlachthof in Bremen.

Unfortunately, I had to experience again that my topics have no place. This time also not with the alternative Germans.

And I‘m sure if I had given the role of the Germans in this movie to the Russians, he would have gotten the first prize.
So it is with the elastic German democracy of alternatives and the rest of the political left.

I am glad that I have some German acquaintances who have convinced me of my point of view and who said that my film fits the topic TRUTH.

The second disappointment for me and Ruto was the competition “Bielefelder Bilderbeben“ by the Filmhaus Bielefeld, which took place on November, 30, 2018.
The topic was called “conspiracy“. It should be submitted a short film. Out of a total of 49 submissions, 33 were pre-selected.

The courageous Ruto had no chance here, too, he was not even pre-selected. If the revered jury had indeed had a broad horizon here (and had not gone according to their agendas and regulations), they would have taken the perspective that the birth of “Ruto“ in itself has exactly fit the subject of conspiracy against the Germans.

Here and there, there are many bunch of cliques in Germany, as one of my colleagues has called it.
But Ruto remains brave and can handle all the blows of rejections well.



„Tschüss Bremen“

"Goodbye Bremen"
I am rewriting the fairy tale of the Bremen Town Musicians from my current point of view.
The gigantic project in terms of technology and content has not yet ended.
It's because you can't always do what you want to do. It is due to many factors, including my underestimation and, above all, because I do almost everything on my own.
The time and the technical prerequisites were also not entirely available. That's why I'll finish this film in eight or more parts, depending on the time and effort involved, so that in the end the whole fairy tale will be together.
I am doing this specific project for Bremen and Germany on my own initiative, as a socially and politically critical project without support. You are welcome to support this project.
You are welcome to support this project.                            

Subject matter of the film:

This film brings together many topics. The main topic is integration. The real situation is exaggerated by migrants being represented by animals. It‘s about racism, lobbying and corruption, but also about solidarity.
The main protagonist is the donkey, one of the four town musicians who have so far been a successful example of integration.
A local piglet and a refugee monkey who make friends with each other also play an important role.
The film relates to reality, but also tells of alternatives and visions. For example, returning home.
Another social issue is also addressed in this film, namely whether people have the right to slaughter and eat animals, especially with a view to the existing cruelty to animals and the meat industry.
Climate change will also be addressed, because droughts and floods will also result in new refugees.

This film was made at own expense.

"The tale"

"Once upon a time there was a small town called Brem.
In this city everyone lived together in peace, including a donkey, a dog, a cat and a rooster who had ended up here years ago on their flight from death. People in town loved the four old, cozy animals so much that they finally made them their symbol.
Because the animals had founded a music band and with their Ias, Wauwaus, Miaus and Kikerikis drove away the evil spirits. People who came to Brem, first went to the animals, which had meanwhile been bronzed into a statue for eternity, grabbed the donkey's legs and made a wish.
Year after year went by, and peace shined in the hearts of the people of Brem.
But there were some for whom the constant shouting of the four was slowly becoming too much. In addition, in the course of time there were other refugee animals in the streets of Brem, such as elephants, sheep, monkeys, wolves and parrots, who also founded music bands and made music and sang for Brem day and night. Brem had become a colorful, diverse zoo. ... "

the speakers:

Benjamin Bast
Stefan Butt
Axel (Faxe) Hildebrandt
Berzan Kejo
Maria Kejo
Dirk Rademacher
Ingmar Skrinjar
Bernd Sondergeld

Sound recording:
Studio „Verlorene Jungs“ Bremen

Berzan Kejo
Maria Kejo
Mahmoud Mella

„Tschüss Bremen“

Portfolio movies

Movie Asylum:
The movie asylum was realized by me before the digital age with simple means, as an autodidact.
This movie was for me a farewell note for this place, which changed my life. I will write more about this asylum home, with the movie I intended to archive some little things. Be curious.
The film shows the authentic everyday's life of a refugee and the situation in an
refugee asylum. There are many different people who are forced to live together in very restricted room. Longing, conflicts and nightmares were present in many rooms of this shelter,  and between its inhabitants .  
The outside world gives discrimination, evil glances and tries to keep the strangers out by all means.
The plot is build through strong and emotional pictures, which reveal a short film in consecutive scenes.  

Portfolio movies
“The hunt for the Amulet”

This short film is the result of a summer camp project for children and young.
I was amazed by the complete readiness and dedication of these children to arrange the story, to live the roles and make their stunning fantasy come alive.
Even though I had done some workshops with children at that time, I had never seen young persons working with such enthusiasm.  

Portfolio movies

feature film project: "OPEN EYES"

The story of the film is the result of the tension arising out of my biographic situation, where life was shaped by the contrast between that nearly mystical world of the grandparents, controlled by ancient traditions and superstition and the strict, sober, modern world. In 1993 I won an award of the Bremen Art Movie Board for my outline " Open eyes ". The jury was “fascinated by the poetic content”. With expert help, I dramatized the material and wrote the actual script and did some sample scenes of the movie.

My first feature film project, with the working title "Open eyes" has got autobiographical strains and contains authentic materials about the Kurds. The screenplays of "Open eyes" is not yet realised as an actual movie. I was able to shoot some scenes to show how the complete thing will work.

The finished script, German and English version, waits to come alive on screen.
The screenplays of "Open eyes" is not yet realised as an actual movie.
I was able to shoot some scenes to show how the complete thing will work.
Producing this movie means giving credit to the filmography of your country.
Know someone who is?  And is able to finance this ambitious project?
Want to be part of the project yourself?

My bitter history with this film project

In 1993 I received a prize from the Bremen Cultural Film Fund for the expose of my film "Open Eyes". I wanted to study film here in Germany, but my forced camp had ruined all my plans to study film. So I wanted to become a filmmaker as a self-taught filmmaker without knowing what it was like here in this cronyism Germany.
This prize had given me hope that it was different after all.
This Kurdish film has not been given a light yet. Not because it is not professional, not because it does not have dramatic content, not because the maker is not able to do it as well as possible.
I spent six of my precious years developing the script and shooting the rehearsal scenes. I worked with director Karl Fruchtmann for a year on the screenplay. He really gave me very professional advice. However, those six years of work were victimized by two attacks: a political attack by the PKK in Germany in the early 1990s and a sexist attack by a woman during pre-production activities. The two cases almost ruined my career as a filmmaker. We culturally active Kurds paid the price for the PKK terror. In addition, the revenge of the woman I rejected cut short my career.

The PKK thing was just a pretext on her part. The main reason was that I refused to have sex with her. That stupid woman put a gun to my head: If I have sex with her, she will realise my film project. This I refused, not because I was married, but because I have my values and boundaries in dealing with people and I wanted to keep them. For this I lost my career in this country where almost only sex and money play a role. There is no talk of ethics and values. This is my firm opinion about this country called Germany.

This failure was also the reason why I had to flee from Germany to Sweden. But Sweden was unfortunately not the best either, because even in the country of the Nobel Peace Prize I did not find peace. The search for home will accompany me until I find it.

I have wished for nothing else here in Germany than equality and peace, in all areas, including the film world.
More about this in my catalogue "New Degenerate Art"


Portfolio Film

Feature film project in 3D "Open Eyes"

"Open Eyes" as a feature film project will always be current for me until it has been realized.
The idea to create "open eyes" in 3D is currently for two reasons:
On the one hand, the virtual 3D world is so mature that it can be realized without much cost of filming locations, actors and studio recordings.
On the other hand, it adapts to the time and its current trend.
Virtual 3D worlds are already reality.

The finished script, German and English version, waits to come alive on screen.
The screenplays of "Open eyes" is not yet realised as an actual movie.
I was able to shoot some scenes to show how the complete thing will work.
Producing this movie means giving credits to the filmography of your country.
Know someone who is?  And is able, to finance this ambitious project?
Want to be part of the project yourself?

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