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Birth of the real 3D world

I love the 3D programming.
I love to make my own actors and to animate my actors by mouse click and make them talk.
I feel at home in the 3D world and can develop more in it, with my know-how.
Hollywood uses computers to turn real people into robots. I, by contrast, wants to make the computer people with computers as real as possible.
There are no limits in the 3D world. In this big room, I will do more. Ruto is the first figure I made as a real hand puppet. I had it in my mind for a long time. But there are the movements and the synchronization, the video recordings.
 Everything was fine, but it required too much work from me.

The software in the field of multimedia has developed rapidly. It is the merit of gamers, because they've put the whole computer technology under pressure, so there's more power, especially in 3D, because the 3D calculation can bring any major and fastest computer in the world to a standstill.

The players and software developers have all benefited from this strong demand and multimedia developers like me too.
Ruto as a doll and the digital Ruto as avatar are both the same. But the virtual ruto can simply do much more than the real one.
Ruto's first broadcast is already finished. When the last shipment is, is not foreseeable.


Ruto means in Kurdish: "the discriminated or unguarded bald head".

Ruto is satirist, cynical, critical to the bones, but also a poetic peacemaker.
He carries problems to the extreme, national and international.
The focus is on social-political satire.
Ruto is versatile and can do everything, he speaks several languages.
Ruto is a philosopher, poet, politician, president and also an ordinary citizen. Rûto is a know-it-all, counselor, dogmatic.
He talks about topics that are important to his perception. And really nobody is spared from his satirical criticism.
Ruto is neither afraid nor shy to bring taboo to the agenda.
All this is realized and animated in 3D worlds.
The 3D animation film "Ruto" is a project by the artist Berzan Kejo.


Ruto: "the new German"

I created the character "Ruto" in 2017. Ruto does not mince words, he criticizes everything and everyone when he encounters mendacity and exclusion.

Of almost 8,000 spectators who saw the program, from Germans there was only one single like from german - of a European Green Party politician. This made me happy and hopeful. All those who clicked "like" were foreigners: Russians, Arabs, Turks, Kurds and Poles.
Can the Germans criticize everyone, like the German satirist of poverty, Böhmermann, who can afford ranting that goes under the belt? From this post "Ruto, the new German" I have learned that the Germans may berate all under the guise of freedom of expression, only the Germans may not be criticized.
But Ruto criticizes them, he does not look for likes.
I actually did the program against the new Nazis and did not think that most Germans would not make friends with it.
This silence of Germans to Rûto reminds me of the day of German unity. Exactly that day "buten & binnen" (Bremer Local Show) had sent the report about my film "Asylum". Staff of the transmitter told me that the editors got a lot of calls. The callers complained that they were broadcasting such a lousy mission as the report on this movie "Asylum" on our sacred Unity Day of our people, calling it a spoilsport.
Technically, there is a lot of computer science in Rûto's broadcast.

3D game project
For years I have been working on a large bremen-specific 3D game.
This fascinating game from Bremen and around is to be realized in 2018.
It is about the promotion of the German language in the new media, about integration, tourism, German and Bremen stories. Old destroyed monuments and historic buildings are revived.
If you are interested in details, please contact the author:

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